Lookwell started in 1974 as a Dutch manufacturer of motorcycle leathers, growing into a full range of professional and leisure motorcycle apparel.

Our rich heritage in motorcycle leathers goes back to the seventies. Supported by great racing legends, such as Wil Hartog, Phil Read, Mike Hailwood and the professional sports- and leisure riders of today, driving daily in Lookwell gear.
By working with professional riders, such as police forces who rely daily on their outfit in all circumstances, racers pushing the performance of their gear to the limits and extreme adventurers, world travellers touring around the globe in Lookwell gear under the most diverse and challenging conditions, we gained the knowledge to perfect our motorcycle wear in detail, in terms of safety, quality and comfort.

Small details that make the difference..

Lookwell riders benefit from advanced safety and comfort innovations incorporated into their garments.

Safety stitching
Lookwell introduced safety stitching in 1981, preventing stitching seams to come undone during exposure to abrasive surfaces or rip open upon impact in case of a crash. Safety stitching has become a standard method of stitching in professional motorcycle garments used by almost every brand on the market today.

Hard-shell and full-foam inserts
Since the mid eighties Lookwell applies hard-shell and full-foam inserts to limit injuries by abrasion and impact.

Waterproof and breathable membranes
Lookwell started using waterproof and breathable layers in 1989, keeping you dry and comfortable.

We have years of experience in designing and manufacturing high quality and trendy motorcycle clothing. We are proud of our brand, its quality and reliability and are happy to show you what we have in store.

Lookwell apparel - Affordable quality

Lookwell is a top Dutch motor apparel brand.
From the launch of the brand on the market in the 70s, racing legends, but also upcoming talent, have been wearing Lookwell apparel. The close cooperation between our brand and professional riders, such as the police force and the racers we sponsored, has ensured that we have developed high quality gear over the years. The result is that now more than ever, Lookwell motorcycle clothing is not only safe, but also of exceptionally high quality. That, combined with an attractive, tough look, makes Lookwell gear a good choice for any type of rider.

Comfort in all weather types

Safety and comfort is combined in every Lookwell garment. The water repellent and breathable membranes that are used in our touring collection ensures that you stay dry and comfortable in the rain.
So you never have to leave your bike in the garage again!

Lookwell motorcycle wear is made in our own factory based on our design. We chose not to work with third parties and that ensures that we can always guarantee our customers the best possible price-quality ratio.
We at Lookwell want you to Be safe, Feel good and Look well..


Safety first

For both professional and leisure riders it's important to be able to count on maximum safety. In order to offer the best possible guarantee to our riders, Lookwell introduced safety stitching in leather suits in 1981 for all critical seams in the garments.

The presence of safety stitching ensures that in case of abrasion or a crash, the probability of the unraveling of the seams is minimalized. With Lookwell gear you can count on extra protection during every ride, race or tour. The use of CE-certified protection on multiple vulnerable parts of the body also contributes to the minimization of injuries due to impact or sliding.

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